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NOK is a mirror in which it is not so easy to look at ourselves. The harmonious design correlates with the unconventional handling to draw attention to how complex our relationship is with our own reflection, which we examine, analyze and compare everyday, questioning its necessity. Through the cut-out and the associated absence of our own reflection, he deliberately irritates our routine actions and encourages to trust more in ourselves and perceive the environment in a more reflective way. The authentic and straight design moves between everyday product and sculpture. Unobtrusively, it creates a new dimension by showing fragments of the environment and discovering interesting new angles of the space. The interactive nature arouses curiosity and lets the observer discover new perspectives. The timeless design and aesthetic appeal fits into any environment. The material used consists of high quality crystal glass which literally floats on an oak solid wood suspension, held by an inconspicuous groove, sealed with natural linseed oil.

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